Why Us?

Why Us?

Mohmand Agency in FATA is the major zone of Pakistan where huge quantities of marble are extracted. Marble mines are situated in several Tehsils of the area that includes Safi, Bazai, and Ambar. The deposits of Mohmand Agency have a great variety of colors and fabrics and thus have vast potential in national and international market. About 7,000 million tons of good quality marble ranging from super white, red & white, silky and grey varieties exist in these reserves. Currently more than one million stones of marble are excavated from different mines of Mohmand Agency.

Ziarat mountain, located in Safi Tehsil of Mohmand Agency, is a blessing of God where Ziarat White, a premium world class marble is available in millions of tons. It has pure white background with random black pattern. Ziarat white is very popular marble in Pakistan as most of its production is consumed in local market. However, Ziarat white is still new for international market but still it successfully competes Italy super white marbles in international markets.

Khanka mountain, located in Safi Tehsil of Mohmand Agency, is a great deposit of super white marble. It has pure white background pattern. Khanka super white is very popular in the local markets of Pakistan.

Speenki Tangi mountain, located in Baizai Tehsil of Mohmand Agency, possess great varieties of Red & White marbles, including the most stunning strawberry pattern marble. This is the only and single reserve of Red & White in Pakistan.

In order to process the available marble into products compatible in the international market, a Marble City is being set-up in Mohmand Agency in collaboration with Pakistan Stone Development Company Islamabad (PASDEC). An area of 300 Acres has been acquired for Mohmand Marble City (MMC). It is an industrial estate with tremendous investment and growth opportunities for the entrepreneurs through infrastructure availability. The Marble City will be equipped with a dedicated infrastructure, regular power & utilities availability within the same vicinity which will substantially reduce the cost of doing business besides having a continuity of flow in operations.

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